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Martin Racko (SK)

Big abstract and figurative compositions and balladic landscapes inspired by their warm colorful atmosphere.


The academic sculptor Martin Račko was born on 5th July 1959 in Košice, Slovakia. After graduating the Industrial Design in the art class of the academic sculptor Tibor Schotter from The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia, he begins to work in Košice in 1985.

Martin realizes larger or smaller elements of interior and exterior architecture and he creates free art. As a designer he designs and creates solitaires of urban green architecture (flower pots, benches, waste baskets) for the town of Vranov nad Topľou, Slovakia, art design of the cross-country trail of the International Peace Marathon of Košice with the monumental pylon „Košice – the City of Peace“ and the information and orientation system in the area of the spa of Bardejov, Slovakia. His sculptural work continues with the creation of smaller chamber sculptures and reliefs using welded steel technique.

Later on he enters the field of interior project activity. Interior design predetermines and moves him in the search of his own means of expression from a designer solitaire to the surface revival and creation of the space. His reliefs, welded metal sculptures and large-scale paintings complement projected spaces.

Since the mid-90s, painting has gradually become his main and dominant creative activity. The motifs of his dimensional paintings are simple. They are abstract compositions and landscapes, inspired mainly by the warm colourful atmosphere of the balladic country. They are also figural compositions, dynamic pictorial visions of movement, rhythm, composition, painting gesture and the inner strength and the magic of colour. His work is dominated by performing themes and motifs of dance, music, theatre and circus. There is natural, real and symbolic dynamics, flow and magical time transformation in these themes.

Martin is the member of „The Slovak Art Forum“ – „Umelecká beseda Slovenská“ ( and „The Slovak Union of Visual Arts“ – „Slovenská výtvarná únia“ (

He exhibits individually and collectively at home and abroad. Individual exhibitions of his works of art took place in Paris, Brussels (3x), Luxembourg, Monte Granaro and Porto Sant Elpidio in Italia, Berlin, Bonn and Leipzig in Germany, Budapest (4x), and others in the countries Austria, Hungary, Poland, Serbia and 10 in Slovakia.
He also exhibited more than 50 group exhibitions.

Martin Racko (SK)

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