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Tatiana Siedlova (SK)

The unique works of Tatiana Siedlová evoke not only an impressive aesthetic effect but also a philosophical reflection.


The unique work of Tatiana Siedlova shows that genuine classical painting and the allegories of figurative expression are able to attract immediately. His works of art are a challenge not only for aesthetic judgment, but also for philosophical reflection. And, as we can see, this is the main advantage of the artist on the contemporary art scene. In constant social evolution, despite a series of new discoveries and knowledge, moral values are disappearing from our world, increasing indifference and violence. In this situation artistic expressions play an irreplaceable role. An art that humanizes, and whose statements are also the points in question of the artist's message. In this sense, both the message and the creative action of Tatiana Siedlova are to be understood. The observer focuses on every work of Siedlova, and addresses the motivations of their actions and the meaning of life. Although in these works their bond operates the fusion of tradition, modernity, and distinctive artistic expression, all this is better known abroad than at home. The paintings are displayed in public and private collections, in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Australia. The exhibition, set up by the Slovak Darte auction house in collaboration with various artists, offers art lovers the opportunity to expand their collection of works, technically very effective. Paintings are presented that deal with fundamental allegorical themes, through stylized portraits, nudes, still lifes up to animal depictions often in a humorous way.

The artist attended the University of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev, from 1992 to 1998. After completing her studies, Siedlova became part of the Union of artists of Ukraine and, later, of the Union of artists of Slovakia. In addition to painting, he is successfully engaged in organizing seminars and educational activities. He teaches artistic techniques and performs courses in multilayer classical painting. He develops talents and succeeds in helping the inface to understand the art world, discovering potential artists from Slovakia to Ukraine. In 2015 his works of art won the international jury prize for the exhibition dedicated to young Russian artists in Bratislava. The Slovak Republic has participated several times in the international competition of Fine Arts 'Premio città di Porto Sant'Elpidio', where Siedlova was awarded as the best artist. Also in Italy, he can also boast the participation in the prestigious international art prize 'Perla dell'Adriatico' 2012 and 2013, in Grottammare (Ascoli Piceno).

Tatiana Siedlova (SK)

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